Nice place and good food. And we enjoyed get stay with Hotel wood park and the view from bolconybwas wonderful. Bit unfortunately cannot go to balcony as there are monkeys everywhere on the balcony. If you open the door the monkeys will come inside. So you have to be careful.

This hotel is situated in top of a hill and they have made great use of that to give a unique presentation to the entire place. The reception is on the ground floor of the building but since it is on top of a hill the other floors are built downwards.

Good Hotel. The services of the Hotel is superb.... All the facilities we got from the Hotel management. The Hotel is situated on top of the hill and give the beautiful nature scenery. The Rooms are good.

Beautiful hotel; The rooms are clean enough. They provided a kitchen and you can use the Induction oven, Electric kettle, some steel utensils. You will see a beautiful view of the hill from it's balcony. The only problem is that it is hard to locate the Hotel at one chance when visited first.